A French group becomes the third player in the Argentine dairy market

The group Savencia Fromage & Dairyfrom the Bongrain family bought the brand ilolay from Santa Fe and its assets after closing an agreement with Sucesores de Alfredo Williner. Through this acquisition, the group would position itself as the third operator in the local dairy market, behind Saputo and Mastellone Hnos.

“With this operation, the Savencia Group seeks strengthen its presence in Santa Fe and throughout the country and promote its development in the dairy segment through a new brand, three new production sites in the towns of Bella Italia, El Trébol and Arrufó and a team of people who, due to their way of operating and knowledge, have always been a benchmark in the industry,” Savencia said in a statement.

From this operation, the group will receive more than 2 million liters of milk daily, since Williner iLolay received 1,355,000 and Milkaut 660,000 liters, according to figures from the Observatory of the Argentine Dairy Chain (OCLA).

With fewer dairy farms and a critical drought, the farm calls for urgent measures for the dairy

Savencia Fromage & Dairy is the second cheese group in France and fifth in the world. With a turnover of 5,600 million euros and 21,900 employees, It is present in 31 countries.

“We have maintained close relations with Savencia for many years and we share the same values. We are both family businesses with strong local roots. We are happy that ilolay products complement Savencia’s portfolio of brands,” said Alfredo Williner, president of the Williner company.

“This acquisition strengthens the presence of Savencia Fromage & Dairy in Argentina, where the Group has been established since the 1990s with its international brands, as well as the local ones Milkaut and Santa Rosa”, adds Olivier Delaméa, CEO of Savencia Fromage & Dairy. .

The acquisition will be subject to the agreement of the competition authorities in application of local regulations.

Communication to iLolay employees

“After 95 years of the Williner family running the company, we want to inform you that we have closed an agreement with the Savencia company, owned by Bongrain. With said agreement, Savencia acquires one hundred percent of Ilolay’s share package,” the Santa Fe company informed its employees.

“From the Williner family we will accompany this new stage that begins in Ilolay, participating in the new board of directors and continuing the commercial relationship of Las Taperitas SA as a strategic supplier of milk.”

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