Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa, together but not scrambled

This Wednesday, Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa They traveled together to the province of Mendoza, and took the opportunity to try to smooth things over. This was reported by Alejandro Gomel for Modo Fontevecchiaby Net TV y Radius Profile (FM 101.9).

You could already say that las internal fights They are a hallmark of Alberto’s managementwith the famous off the record that they have even cost the head of some minister, like Matias Kulfasand that do not stop, week after week confronting the different sectors of the FdT.

As reported, there was sparks between Massa and Alberto Fernándezdue to the fact that Casa Rosada let the economic measures of the Palacio de Hacienda be disclosed.

Albertism already speaks of the “sunset of Kirchner’s hegemony” and does not recognize Cristina’s leadership

The Minister of Economy himself, upon returning from Panama, went to speak personally with the President and reproached him for the fact that the reports hinder the measures that they were preparing from their ministry.

However, yesterday they were together, trying to tone down this short circuit. They were seen hugging and smiling. in the province of Mendoza, although beneath appearances there is a fight.

Massa has been, in the official coalition, the “great tightrope walker”, amid a broken relationship between Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner.

Malena Galmarini: “I would love for Sergio Massa to be president”

At this time, a difficult situation is happening due to the economic situation. Upon taking office, he imagined that at this point the economic situation was going to be better, and, therefore, that his position in the coalition was going to be more preponderant in terms of electoral projections.

Yes ok Sergio Massa has not yet defined what he is going to do electorallythere is something that he does not like at all, and it is to end up paving the way for a candidacy like that of Daniel Scioliknown the bad historical relationship between the two.

For an anguished Cristina, Massa is no longer “Sergito”

For now, Massa is still in the Ministry of Economy, Alberto Fernández has not yet decided what to do with his candidacy, and Kirchnerism continues to agitate Government House with each of his statements.

For now, what was seen yesterday, an Alberto Fernández and a Sergio Massa who are going to continue together, but not scrambled.


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