An Argentine band of "crypto hackers" who stole US$800,000 from a British company

A gang dedicated to transactional theft “crypto-hackers” was destroyed by members of the Federal policewith the arrest of four of its members.

The criminals attacked several companies, including the British firm “Buenbit”who was taken away US$ 800 mil Through the computer damage in your service and platform cryptocurrencies.

After keeping that sum, the attackers diverted it to different accounts and virtual wallets both inside and outside the country, police sources told THAT.

“Phishing” fishes gullible and we can all take the bait

The firm filed the complaint with the Fiscal Unit Specialized in Cybercrime, by Horacio Azzolin, Secretary of Christian Mansilla, and the Criminal and Correctional Court number 40, in charge of Paula Gonzalezbefore the Secretariat number 139 of Sebastián D`Simoni.

It was thus that through an investigation it was possible to establish connections between all members of the cyber organizationwhich have other causes that are in an early stage.

Regarding the British firm “Buenbit”, members of the Technological Crimes Division of the Federal Police carried out raids in the Buenos Aires towns of Miramar, (General Alvarado’s party) and Lanús, after detecting these subjects dedicated to crime with cryptocurrency transactions.

Raids on “crypto-hackers”

After the cyber attack on that British company, the detectives were able to establish that the main person investigated and leader of the gang carried out the fraudulent maneuver and then immediately flee the country and settle in France.

Therefore, the intervening magistrate must issue the international arrest warrant in order to be detained and deported to Argentina, where he will remain at the disposal of Justice.


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