Argentina and Chile offer citizenship to Nicaraguans persecuted by Ortega

This Tuesday, the governments of Argentina and Chile announced that they are willing to offer their citizenship to Nicaraguans who have been treated “unfairly” and that they have been victims of “persecution” by the Daniel Ortega regime. In recent weeks, the Nicaraguan authorities stripped of nationality to more than 300 dissidents.

Until now, stateless persons rise to 316 by resolution of the Ortega government. Of the total, 222 were in prison, but they were released to later be deported to the United States. The other 94 were in exile (among them, the writers Sergio Ramírez and Gioconda Belli) and were declared “traitors to the country” and “fugitives from justice”, in addition to confiscating their assets and disqualifying them for life from holding public office.

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In this context, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero stated in statements to radio with you what Argentina was willing to grant citizenship to all Nicaraguan opponents They were stripped of their nationality. “Argentina is in a position to give them citizenship,” he said. In addition, he stressed that it is “a personal procedure” that is carried out at the request of the interested party.

Added to this, he commented that he spoke on the subject with President Alberto Fernández. “Argentina has always marked the need for Nicaragua once again respects human rights“, he pointed out. He also recalled that our country “has condemned the persecution that many Nicaraguans have suffered.”

Sergio Ramírez thanked Cafiero for the “gesture of solidarity” through his Twitter.

in dialogue with Clarion, Ramirez had expressed his desire to “become Argentine”: “If the Argentine government responded to the request for nationalities for Nicaraguans, I become Argentine“. Consulted by these sayings, Cafiero affirmed that, in case of requesting it, he would be granted citizenship.

“Of course there is the possibility of giving Argentine citizenship to Sergio Ramirez and to all those who are suffering from what is happening in Nicaragua. If you ask for it, we give it to you“, he commented on the matter. In response, the writer was “very grateful” for the “gesture of solidarity” and affirmed that Argentina is his homeland.

Gabriela Cerruti reaffirmed the statements of Santiago Cafiero regarding the citizenship of the persecuted Nicaraguans.

In line with the foreign minister’s statements, the presidential spokesperson Gabriela Cerruti reaffirmed Cafiero’s statements. “The Argentine government is willing to grant Argentine citizenship to Sergio Ramirez, Gioconda Belli and all those who are suffering from what is happening in Nicaragua,” he posted on his Twitter account.

Chile will offer “due international protection” and citizenship to stateless people

Like Argentina, this Tuesday The Chilean Foreign Ministry announced that the legal channels to offer residence and nationality will be studied to the more than 300 opponents Nicaraguans stripped of their citizenship.

“Given the recent decision of the State of Nicaragua to deprive more than three hundred Nicaraguans of their nationality and political rights, identified as political opponentsthe Government of Chile will arbitrate the necessary legal means to offer them the appropriate international protection, which allows them to reside in the country and obtain Chilean nationality according to the constitutional and legal norms that regulate it,” reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

The Chilean Foreign Ministry announced that it will offer “international protection” to those persecuted by the Ortega regime.

“The Government of Chile makes this alternative available to those who have been unfairly expats from Nicaragua and voluntarily decide to take it”, maintains the message. And adds: “The Ministries of Foreign Relations and of the Interior and Public Security, by instructions of the President of the Republic, will take the corresponding measures in order to implement this decision”.

The statement is released after a group of Chilean personalities, including the writer Ariel Dorfman, made public a letter asking the President Gabriel Boric to grant citizenship to Nicaraguan opponents who were stateless.

Sergio Ramírez and Gioconda Belli were declared “traitors to the country” and “fugitives from justice.”

Added to this, Chile was the Latin American country that most openly condemned Ortega’s measures. In that sense, Boric called Ortega a “dictator” after showing solidarity with the opponents stripped of their nationality. “The dictator does not know that the homeland is in his heart and in his actions, and is not deprived by decree,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Likewise, the Chilean Foreign Minister, Antonia Urrejola, expressed herself in harsh terms regarding the measures of the Ortega government against opponents. “Every day more (Nicaragua) becomes a totalitarian dictatorshipwhere any kind of dissidence is persecuted,” he said.

In addition to the South American countries, spain also offered to naturalize opponents accused of “treason against the fatherland”. Colombia also ruled on the matter, but in its case it only made reference to Ramírez.


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