Being happy should not be confused with joy or pleasure.

Every day there is an imposed celebration. But beyond this imperative, we can take advantage of The international day of happiness to pause in our busy lives and wonder if we are truly happy.

Being happy should not be confused with being happy or feeling pleasure. Joy, like laughter, can be eventual, transitory, happen even in a depressed person. In a hospital, at a wake or in the cemetery, someone can laugh at the joke that is made to decompress, but that laughter or laughter does not mean that that person is happy.

the same before the pleasantsuch as going shopping, enjoying a meal, a sunrise, or a good wine; pleasure is an ephemeral state that often works as a pain relieveras an attempt to flee, even temporarily, from the pain or discomfort felt.

Five keys to happiness inspired by a Harvard study

In general, there are many difficulties in achieving true happiness because one looks for it in the wrong places, or buys a be happy “trout” in the market of offered feelings.

Those who pull the strings of the spirit have imposed false ways to access happiness reduced to the search for pleasures, to endless material conquests, trying to smooth out what It must be a personal path.

These are times that continue to be commanded by the capitalist brain where Doing (hyperactivity and devaluation of leisure) and Having (Things, successes, prestige, titles, followers) occupy the first positions to the detriment of Being (oneself, or the corresponding gender variants) and Estar (enjoying the present, the here and now).

The happiness ends up being a confused feeling, contaminated by the market that imposes enjoying all the time, and whatever, making the most of time, in a productive way.

Being happy should not be confused with joy.

Expected symptoms such as boredomhe tedium or the reluctance, are experienced as problems of stillness, of not doingand quickly covered by activities, whatever they may be, such as surfing the net, watching series, movies, going for a walk or consuming, and not as an opportunity to stop and think about the game itself, the direction we want to give our lives, where perhaps true happiness comes from.

How to reach a true state of happiness? Buddha once said that: “There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.” That is, the being, the present. Not the goal, but the walk.

Happiness is closely connected with well-being, with psychophysical and spiritual balance, with the cultivation of Being above Doing and Having taxes as generators of happiness.

Buddha once said that: “There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.” That is, the being, the present. Not the goal, but the walk.

The capitalist world inexorably leads us to get trapped, like Sisyphus, in the absurd circuit of going up and down mountains that goes from satisfaction to dissatisfaction.

stop at think where we are leading our livesIn principle, it can generate anguish, anxiety and uncertainty, but it is a necessary crisis, an opportunity to begin to get out of the imposed wheel and thus expand our being in the direction of the singular desires that inhabit us.

There is no international day of happiness, there is a personal, unique and non-transferable way of being happy that we must discover in order to be happy every day, despite the eventualities.

* Psychologist (UBA) and Writer

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