Death in Recoleta: a witness said that Emmily Rodrigues consumed three different drugs before falling into the void

The investigation into the death of Emily Rodrigues Santos Gomesthe Brazilian model who fell from the balcony of a apartment in Recoletaand in the last few hours one of the two new witnesses who testified pointed out that the victim would have Consumed up to three different drugs. On the other hand, the coroner who signed the autopsy appeared in Justice to ratify the study, after doubts arose about the so-called “injury 18”.

As it could be reconstructed, three other women They were on the night of March 30 in the businessman’s apartment Francisco Saenz Valiente, accused in the case that is being investigated as “Femicide”. The first to testify about him was Juliana MagalhãesEmmily’s friend, and this Tuesday a young Cuban testified before the prosecutor Santiago Vismara identified as “Dafne”.

Fall into the void and death: doubts about the “injury 18” and the alleged addiction of Emmily Rodrigues

“The witness Dafne maintained that they had fun taking drugsthat each of those present ate what they wanted,” a source in the case told the newspaper The nation. On the other hand, he assured that during the party at the businessman’s property, located on the sixth floor of the building, “there were no sexual advances“.

In addition, the witness stated that the Brazilian model used marijuana, cocaine and “tusi“, a synthetic drug known as “pink cocaine”. Finally, she was “surprised” by how that night turned out and considered that “connecting the dots, she believes that Emmily made a large mixture of narcotics”.

Emmily Rodrigues, the woman who fell from a balcony in Recoleta.

Daphne is the young woman to whom, about three and a half hours before falling into the void, Emmily herself wrote to Instagram a message to find out why he had withdrawn: “Fat where are you going? I went downstairs and you were already gone. I bank you”, and then left him a missed call at 5:53.

The witness told the prosecutor in the case that she had left Sáenz Valiente’s property because she had to get up early to work in a hairdresser’s and also “someone was waiting for her“. His statement is similar to that of Juliana, who held in the place consumed alcoholic beveragessuch as vodka and champagne, and the drugs mentioned, but apparently the victim I would have only “smoked marijuana”according to his words.

Death in Recoleta: an injury in the autopsy would suggest that the model resisted and was pushed into the void

For the study of the body of Rodrigues Santos Gomes, different swabs and samples were also taken from under the nails, blood was even collected for a toxicological analysis. The results will be ready in the next two weeks.

In an interview with America TV, Aristides Rodrigues, father of the victim, pointed out that he does not believe in the theory that his daughter “would have committed suicide”. For this reason, he affirmed that she “did not have psychiatric problems” and did not consume drugs either, for which he considered that if she had could “have been forced”.

The other witness and the coroner’s testimony

In the framework of the case, a neighbor of the businessman linked to agriculture also testified. The witness saw how the model was at the window on the sixth floor and “a gray-haired gentleman” approached her He yelled “Calm down, calm down!. In this situation, called the emergency number 911just as the defendant had done.

This Wednesday the coroner Hector Enrique Di Salvo, who performed the autopsy on the corpse, also gave his testimony before the prosecutor. According to the report, the 26-year-old suffered 29 injuriesbetween bruises, injuries and fractures, which caused his death. But his family lawyer, Ignacio Trimarco, had focused on the called “lesion 18”claiming that it could suggest that she defended herself so as not to be pushed into the void.

Francisco Sáenz Valiente, the only defendant who has the case.

In his conclusions, the professional affirmed that all these injuries “were compatible with the fall he suffered”. He also claimed that there were no injuries consistent with “defense maneuvers before an attack” and they did not find “wounds due to sexual abuse“on his genitals.

Di Salvo stated separately that, according to his assumptions, he believes that Emily was unconscious at the moment of falling, since he did not manage to put his hands to protect himself from the impact.

The case is in the hands of the judge Martin Del Viso, which has eight business days to decide the procedural situation of the accused. For now, Sáenz Valiente, who maintains that the model would have suffered a “psychiatric outbreak” before falling off the balcony still detained.

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