El Hoyo in Minecraft, with Ibai Llanos and Argentine presence

Movie or series representations in Minecraft have become commonplace for content creators. And for the public that consumes Twitch, it is also something entertaining. It consists of bringing together a large number of streamers, who will play Minecraft (one of the most valued games) and where the theme will be in relation to a recognized movie or series. An ideal combo.

At PEEK Latam we had told how on Twitch he had set the agenda he Squid Game a Minecraftin which the winner was left with the incredible sum of 100.000 USD. The event was organized by Auronplay and Rubius, and also had the participation of Ibai Llanos and Spreen, among other streamers. In addition, we also anticipate the arrival of “The Hunger Games”a series that IlloJuan will carry out, also in Minecraft, although it still does not have a start date.

What is The Hole about? Anyone who hasn’t had the chance to see it, and now wants to catch up on what’s going on, has to know that it’s a raw film, which tells the story of Goreng, played by the actor Iván Massagué, a man who enters a “Center of vertical self-management” on a voluntary basis. It turned out to be a prison in which the cells are located one above the other, in the more than 300 floors, and have a hole in the middle through which a platform with food passes.

The table with the food slows down for a certain time per floor, starting with 1 and ending with 333, that is, those below receive the leftovers from those above, which invites survival and constant situations of violence. Within this framework, the Minecraft series will be developed, organized by the Mexican Juan Guarnizo, which will bring together the best Spanish-speaking content creators.and which will begin today, April 12, at 4:00 p.m. (Argentine time).

Among them, of course, will be River Llanos. Some of the most recognized streamers that will be part are: Manute, who was in Argentina at the Flow Gamergy; Perxitaa, president of Los Troncos in the Kings League; Espe, who kicked a penalty in the Camp Nou for Annihilators by Juan Guarnizo. Regarding the Argentines, will be present: SpreenRobleis, Carreraaa, Goncho Banzas, Unicornio and Nimu TV.

The news of streaming, you can find it at PEEK Latam.

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