Fair fuel prices: how much gasoline will rise in the coming months

The Government agreed with the oil companies that the fuel price will rise 4% per month in the case of gasoline and dieselfrom April 15 to next August 15.

The Secretariats of Commerce and Energy agreed to renew the Fair Prices Program for fuels.

Thus, they renewed the Fair Prices agreement with the oil sector to stabilize the fuel prices for the next four months.

Inflation through the roof.

Through a statement, the Ministry of Commerce reported that this measure seeks to “protect consumers and promote stability in the market.”

The Government seeks predictability with the increase in gasoline

In this sense, the Secretary of Commerce, Matias Tomboliniremarked that “the signing of this agreement allows us to give a sign of predictability to consumersusers and companies and, in addition, it accompanies the road map established by Minister Massa that encourages us to maintain fiscal balance and take care of reserves”.

As reported, the major oil companiesYPF, PAE, Raizen (Shell) y TrafiguraThey signed the agreement.

The price of fuel.

For her part, the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royonhighlighted “the effort made by companies to accompany the State’s initiative in order to contain prices and anchor inflationary expectations so that this does not have an effect on people’s pockets.”

Present at the announcement were Alejandro Cerviño (Manager of External and Government Relations of Raizen Argentina SA), Agustín Agraz (Vice President of Institutional Relations for Downstream Operations of Pan American Energy), Alejandro Fernández (Commercial Vice President of YPF) and Martín Urdapilleta (General Manager of Trafigura).


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