Femicide in Villa Zavaleta | He killed his girlfriend with two shots. He is a fugitive and they ask for his international capture

Ferni Cristina Ayala Palaces28 years old and of Paraguayan nationality, was killed with two shots in the Zavaleta neighborhoodfrom Barracas, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. For the femicide, the police are looking for her partner, a 44-year-old moneylender, also from that country. Currently the man cannot leave Argentina and has a national and international arrest warrant.

The murder of the woman, mother of a 10-year-old son, occurred last Sunday, February 19, on the first floor of house 187 located on Lavardén street, block 18, of villa 21-24, in the south of the Federal capital. The fact became known after the sister of Ayala Palacios made a complaint for investigation of whereabouts after repeated attempts to communicate with her and that she did not attend to her.

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After the alert to 911, members of the 4D police station of the city ​​police They went to the young woman’s home and upon entering the house they found her body with at least two shots to the chest. According to the expert report, the woman had been dead for several hours.

National and international capture

After taking testimonies from different neighbors, the investigators identified a possible suspect in the crime: the victim’s partnerlater identified as Stephen Rojas, whom witnesses saw arguing with her on Sunday morning. For this reason, the prosecutor in charge of the case, Pablo Recchini —of the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor No. 44— asked Judge Mariano Iturralde —of Court No. 16 of the same jurisdiction— to issue an arrest warrant for find and arrest the man, who is accused of a “homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm and by mediating gender violence”.

As part of finding the whereabouts of the suspect, detectives from the City Police Homicide Division carried out on Monday night, by order of the prosecutor and the judge, a raid on suspect’s mother’s home. The agents did not find the femicide there.

A source in the investigation told the news agency telam that Rojas could have already left the country: “We are looking for him, but he had many hours, almost a whole day, to escape: from the dawn of the crime until the discovery of the body. We suspect that he may have gone to Paraguay And we also know that he has money.”

Ferni Ayala Palacios with Esteban Rojas, her partner and main suspect

Investigators also seized the DVR with the security videos of the building where the murder of Ferni Ayala Palacios took place and where all the units are owned by the fugitive – even his ex-wife lives on the third floor, with a daughter -, although according to the victim’s family Rojas would have disconnected the cameras.

The detectives also heard the word of the residents of the Zavaleta neighborhood. Several of them agreed that they saw both arrive at their house, but they only saw Rojas leave the house, who left the place in his car. The relatives of Ayala Palacios intuit that a comment from the victim could have been the motive for the femicide.

reconstruction of the facts

According to the reconstruction that the investigators were able to make, on Sunday morning the victim, the now wanted Rojas and five other people from the same group of friends they went dancing in a bowling alley from the Buenos Aires neighborhood Constitution. There were also two of the victim’s sisters, who saw her “distraught and wanting to cry”.

According to one of them, named Clara, there was a friend in the group “who told Esteban: ‘Take care of her (Ferni) she is a good girl. Value it. She suffered a lot in her previous relationship’”.

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“I don’t know if he named my sister’s ex and that was what bothered Rojas, but he told the boy: ‘You name him again and I’ll break your head. Something like that. I think that was what triggered all of this,” Clara said.

And I add: “This can’t stay like this, no woman can die like this”.

Complaints from previous partners

The sister of the murdered woman reported that Ferni and Rojas “they lived together approximately seven months ago, but they were together a year or a year and a half ago” and although he stated that they “never” saw a situation of violence between them, they did find out yesterday that the man had “three or four complaints” from previous couples.

Alicia, another of the victim’s sisters, told the channel C5N that the fugitive from Justice had a criminal record for “gender violence” and for “homicide”, for which he was imprisoned for four years, according to what she indicated.

“Something happened: we noticed that he was very jealous. I checked his cell phonewhen it sounded or a message came to him, he was attentive to it, he killed her out of jealousy, “he sentenced.


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