How to process Italian citizenship by direct child

The processing of the Italian citizenship by direct son It covers both minors and adults in the family and it is essential to mention all the relatives of the applicant when completing the form that will be delivered to the embassy authorities.

Applicants seeking to become beneficiaries of the double nationalitythey should check that They live in an Italian city 6 months ago and, it is a mandatory condition, to present the application at the consulate located in the town where the person is settled. This means that you cannot choose the delegation in which you want to carry out the management.

Those interested in becoming nationalized as members of the country belonging to the European Community through this migratory processthey can choose the alternative of attach your case to a relative’s folder. In order to carry out said route, it is required to have the file number corresponding to the relative, an unavoidable requirement through which the file can be accessed.

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Italian citizenship by direct descendant

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The members of the family tree who can request the Italian citizenship are, in the first place the children of native inhabitants who are over 18 years of age. To be recognized as members of the population of Italiathey will need to obtain a previous shift and later, pay the fee or tariff.

It is extremely important to underline that, if the legal recognition was made after the descendant entered adulthood, the petitioner will have a period of one year to declare the will to become a national. After the established time has elapsed, he will forever lose the right to request it.

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On the other hand, the minors will automatically receive the Italian citizenship by her father and/or mother, who will transfer her if she registers in the Anagrafe of Italian Residents in the Foreign (AIR) or in the local language, Register of Italians Resident Abroad.

Italian citizenship by direct descendant

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What are the admission requirements for Italian citizenship for children of legal age?

  • Birth certificate previously translated into Italian
  • DNI that is less than 10 years old (original and copy)
  • If you have married, your certificate translated into Italian
  • The birth certificates of your minor children (if applicable) translated into Italian, their respective DNI, both original and a copy, and the National Identity Document of each of the parents.
  • Bring the application form for recognition of Italian citizenship, it must be completed at the Consulate

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