Kirchnerism turns and Alberto Fernández puffs out his chest for the end of the “thumbnail”

“Alberto imposed participation, what he said will finally end up happening”; evaluated from the presidential entourage. When the plane landed in the Dominican Republic, Máximo Kirchner had already sent another message to the head of state, saying that he who gets angry can compete in the elections. “It is what the President wants”, was the phrase with which the environment reacted Alberto Fernandez who accompanied him to the Ibero-American Summit. They also celebrate the end of the “odometer”.

From the Kirchnerism they recognized before PROFILE that there is a shift in this sector regarding the possibility of going to Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries. On March 11, Máximo Kirchner said in Avellaneda that Cristina Kirchner must be the owner of the electoral strategy. He now launched that “if someone gets angry, we go to the elections and society chooses.” A modern and internal version of CFK’s phrase when he pointed to the agricultural sector and told them to “put together a party and win the elections.”

“The change is imposed by the lack of a negotiating table, the lack of definition and non-dialogue,” they say to PROFILE from the sector led by Cristina Kirchner. They agree on this since the president believes that he is cornering them. The possibility that there is A STEP with various ruling party candidates was recognized by the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, one of those who signed up to compete.

“This does not mean that when the time comes it will happen. Today CFK is not a candidate and that also opens the possibility. We have to wait to see what the vice president defines ”, they clarify from the intimate circle of the vice president.

Alberto Fernández spoke of an “inexplicable war”, asked to change the financial system and credit facilities

He also launches: “This does not mean about being right. Talking about the possibility of the PASO does not mean that Alberto won. In La Rosada they measure what happens with this vision that ´I am right´”. And he adds: “If it is necessary to measure in this sense, then it must be recognized that the agreement with the IMF is leading us to carry out different financial maneuvers with Massa every day so that the crisis does not deepen. Instead of that, the President keeps saying that the debt does not currently cause any problem”.

Alberto Fernández read the statements from Santo Domingo and assessed that there is already a “resigned” Kirchnerism with the PASO. “Cristina no longer chooses,” he says in private. Fernández talks about “democratizing” the space and that a new leadership arrives as a replacement.

“The President promotes participation and the abandonment of the odometer”, they say from the Dominican Republic, where the head of state came to participate in the Ibero-American Summit prior to the bilateral meeting with Joe Biden. He has to do with a criticism of the electoral assembly of the vice president who is usually the owner of the pen. The head of state will resist this methodology and is willing to discuss the names of the electoral ballots with his candidacy on the table.

The President ensures that the governors encourage him to sustain internal competition. However, the provincial chiefs tend to criticize the vice and then end up agreeing on the strategy with her. As reported by PROFILE, heThe table that was set up in February to begin discussing the electoral strategy is paralyzed. “We are going to summon her,” they say from the presidential environment while buying time and the head of state continues without giving definitions about her nomination.

“That there is STEP does not mean that Alberto is a candidate,” they say in the entourage. From Buenos Aires, it was Aníbal Fernández who, once again, defended the President. “I am convinced that Alberto beats Cristina,” said the Security Minister. This reaction is not accidental since there is a decision by the head of state not to let criticism pass. “Now it is answered, before it was not answered.” Also now the electoral strategy is being discussed, something that was not before.”With the scheme of unity and single list with which we went in 2021, we lost,” they say.

Today Alberto Fernández feels that the Frente de Todos has an opportunity. According to Aurelio’s latest survey detailed from the Dominican Republic, Together for Change has 34 points, the Frente de Todos 32 and Javier Milei 21. “If the government were a mess today you should have a strengthened candidate in the opposition. However, they all measure little”, they evaluate.

Regarding the phenomenon of Javier Milei, they assure that he will not move from that percentage. “From bipartisanship we went on to have three strong options because it arises in indignity. It will not grow because there is no more than that, that was the percentage of the null, white, annulled vote that brought together moments of political crisis and anger and that Milei represents today.

and massa? “He says no but he does everything so that yes”, they say. It is unknown even for the leaders closest to Alberto Fernández. The head of state trusts that he too, if he has the intention, he can compete in an internal one. Massa does not seem willing. For now, CFK continues without moving while listening to “Cristina Presidenta”.

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