Mauricio Macri publicly criticized Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who also lost his majority in the Legislature

The journalist Alejandro Gomel reported the consequences left by the meeting of Mauricio Macri with businessmen and the loss of support in the Buenos Aires Legislature that had Horacio Rodriguez Larretain Modo Fontevecchiaby Net TV y Radius Profile (FM 101.9).

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is left without an automatic majority in the Legislature

The schism within PRO Of course, it has repercussions in different areas. This Wednesday, on the one hand, there was the intention of trying to do damage control and start trying to lower the foam and calm things down a bit in this very troubled week in the party that governs the City.

There was a public challenge from Mauricio Macri to Larreta about the fact that he cut himself, in a meeting with businessmen, and that he should have consulted the party. Later, he tried to close the issue and there is an intention to start to lower the foam to begin concentrating on the electoral campaign, but they remain wounded and will remain so from what happened within the PRO.

One of the consequences, perhaps the first, has to do with the Legislature which is one of the things that Larreta could boast of in recent years, since everything he commanded there happened calmly not only because he had a majority, but also because he had his own quorum.

Larreta dismissed the PRO internship in La Rural, but clarified: “Not all of us think alike”

It should be remembered that in the Buenos Aires Legislature 31 votes are needed to have its own quorum, that is, half plus one because there are 60 legislators. This is going to change from now on, there are three legislators who answer directly to Patricia Bullrich that at one point last year, when the budget was being discussed in the City, they threatened not to vote on that budget and had been showing a certain autonomy, which is something that will be seen more than ever from this moment on.

There will no longer be an automatic majority for Larreta, he will not have those 31 votes, since he loses the support of Juan Pablo Arenaza, Carolina Estebarena y Maria Luisa Gonzalez Estebarenawho are the ones who answer to the president of the PRO.

Close to Larreta they say that it is not so serious because “because at this moment we do not have any project that we need to get out immediately, we are focused on what has to do with the candidacies, above all, with the assembly of the lists.”

Unit only for the outside: Larreta, Bullrich and Macri agreed not to fight in public

It remains to define the list of legislators, beyond what will be the internal one already proposed between Martin Lousteau y Jorge MacriIn principle, although we still know that Larreta’s other two candidates did not drop out, they are Soledad Acuna y Fernan Quiros.

These types of issues are going to start to notice.


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