Nito Artaza launches his candidacy for head of the Buenos Aires Government with criticism of the Pro, Milei, the UCR and a nod to the FdT

The comedian and former national senator for radicalism, Eugenio “Nito” Artaza, announced this Wednesday that he will compete in the elections for Head of Government in the city of Buenos Aires. With criticism against Mauricio Macri, Javier Miley y Horacio Rodriguez Larretaslipped that he could go to an internal competition in the Buenos Aires Front of All.

“I have formed the Cambio Popular party in Corrientes and Chaco, and now we extend it to the City and the Province, to form a national party,” said the theater producer about the space that will serve to solve his candidacy.

Although he was a senator for Corrientes during his time in Congress, he affirmed that he has lived in Buenos Aires for 44 years. “On April 20 I will launch ten ideas for the candidacy for the Head of Government at the Empire Theater”, he said this morning by Radio 10 in Morning Sylvester with Gustavo Sylvestre.

Emiliano Yacobitti: “Radicalism allowed itself to be used by Macri”

Launched into the political arena after the 2001 crisis, he said that he is already drawing up a project with experts who accompanied him in his time in Congress and who joined his idea of ​​changing the country after the social outbreak.

Asked about what space he would occupy in the next elections in August, he did not rule out going to an inmate within the Pan-Peronist opposition in the capital. “We are seeing, everything that involves participating interests us. A long time ago we closed with the Frente de Todos in Corrientes and Chaco, and here the work that we are going to do is according to the proposals and some measurements that give us an optimistic perspective”, he said.

Artaza’s criticisms against the PRO, the UCR and the libertarians

In the midst of the internment unleashed within the PRO by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta’s decision to hold concurrent elections, Artaza did not hold back his criticism of the Buenos Aires ruling party and even spoke about deputy Javier Milei, one of the actors who appears with the greatest prominence in ahead of the next presidential elections.

The cultural triumph of radicalism

Our limit is Macri and Milei, a right that is the one that glimpses at the national level. I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous, because people know how to vote and we have democracy to remedy those problems, but it infuriates me,” said the theater manager who was able to form a well-known duo with Miguel Ángel Cherutti.

He also considered that the Radical Civic Union grouped within Juntos por el Cambio “ends up making the same mistake and sparring with Pro, as in the last elections”, which distances the party from its progressive and popular past.

For Artaza, the UCR “ends up disappearing behind a party that led the country into debt by governing” because “it was born to fight conservatism, not to bring it to power.”

Finally, he attacked the Buenos Aires Head of Government for covering “the city of cement” and giving benefits to real estate companies.


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