Omar Plaini: "Alberto Fernández did not meet the expectations we had"

The General Secretary of Canillitas, Omar Plainiasserted that the vice president “is the best candidate because she is a statesman and has great capacity”. How has the government of Alberto Fernandez and if you will have one inflation 30% in the first semester, in Modo Fontevecchiaby Net TV y Radius Profile (FM 101.9).

What do you think Cristina Kirchner will end up defining? What can happen inside the space if she finally confirms that she is not a candidate?

In the meeting of national pj an important step was taken. There, a document was prepared in which the 33 leaders spent more than five hours, which synthesizes what we have been proposing, which is a democracy without proscriptions. That is already marking the situation of the vice president.

It is a first meeting, we must continue advancing. Some issues were clearly raised and the reality that is being experienced was described. We must continue moving forward in an agreement that has not yet occurred and in a subsequent conclusion.

Did this being banned open a crack within the Frente de Todos?

There is a wrong analysis of some political actors. Christina is banned. He has been persecuted for years, he had to go to Comodoro Py to give a statement for eight reasons, for which he had to appear that many times on the same day, something inhumane.

Hugo Yasky, about Cristina Kirchner: “Today she is not banned, but in three months she could be”

There is already a sentence and a decision of the judgeswhich will read it on March 9, where they state that it is condemned and disabled for life to hold all kinds of public office. Now, if that’s not a ban, someone tell me what it’s called.

It is a proscription because the conviction and disqualification are already in place, it only remains for it to remain firm. You must still go through Cassation and the Supreme CourtThat’s why I think it’s a time to go deeper.

While this is happening, an election year is progressing that requires definitions of candidates, so?

I agree that we have to define it, which is why there should be a next meeting of this kind quickly. Mesa that it has to be expanded, because our force is made up of almost 20 more political groups and, ultimately, it will solve a very small table.

As long as we linger, the only thing that generates down is uneasiness y demotivation.

Rosendo Fraga: “There is a crisis in both majority political spaces”

Alexander Gomel (AG): Many surveys indicate that Cristina is a great candidate for the PASO, a first round, but not for a ballot. Still, is she the best candidate?

Cristina is the best candidate for she is a statesman and has great capacity. We cannot be guided by what the polls say.

For example, if one looks at the articles of Jaime Duran Beardtalks about the failure of consultants.

In the workshops, factories, offices and neighborhoods the name that comes up is ‘Cristina’. The centrality that it has Cristina Kirchner has been in politics for decades and is not for everyone. I can’t ask for more, he gave everything and he was the victim of many things. If she is not a candidate, it will be necessary to decide who will be.

The balance of the President’s management

AG: What flavor do these three years of Alberto Fernández leave you with? Frustration? Impotence?

Alberto Fernández did not meet the expectations we had. It is also good to recognize when he took over: a debt to the Fund, the pandemic and the war.

Tolosa Paz: “I can’t imagine a STEP between Alberto Fernández and Massa”

There is a Government that tries to articulate with all the power actors and must guide, promote, plan and regulate.

The economic objectives for 2023

Yesterday Kelly Olmos ratified the request on which work is being done so that parities close around 60% throughout the year. That can be possible?

Hopefully the minister’s aspirations go in that direction because we would significantly lower the inflationary process.

In the same way, no union organization is going to sign without a review clause because one thing is aspiration and another is reality.

The Government ratified the 30% inflation goal and asked to align joint

Do you think you can sign a first semester around 30%?

The unions are going to sign according to the needs. You always lose, the salary goes down the ladder and the inflation By the elevator.

The possible candidacies of the Frente de Todos

Aníbal Fernández said that those who talk about banning Cristina are trying to ban Alberto Fernández from a possible candidacy for re-election. What does he think?

It is one thing to outlaw and another to give an opinion.

Aníbal Fernández said that Cristina Kirchner “is not banned” and pointed against those who “want to ban” the President

But those who say that she has to be a candidate and is banned, aren’t they leaving Alberto out?

It is worth remembering how it was formed and who (Cristina) defined our coalition, who contributed the number of votes, among other issues.

If Cristina is a candidate, can Alberto be a candidate in an internship?

If Cristina is a candidate the discussion is closed.


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