They pretended to be students, entered a school and robbed the tutors

In a striking episode, Two young criminals pretended to be students to enter a school to rob. Both fulfilled their mission and managed to enter the establishment like any other student. And once inside, they took a cell phone and two wallets that they stole from the tutors’ room, and fled without being identified.

The unusual episode occurred on Wednesday morning at the Father Castañeda School from the city of At payment, located on 13th and 68th streets, in front of Parque Saavedra. And until that moment, there are no detainees.

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According to witnesses to the robbery, the criminals They entered the school wearing clothing similar to the uniform used by the students of the institution and added a couple of backpacks. In this way, they managed to blend in among the students.

Once inside the educational establishment, they toured the place like any other student, until they reached the preceptors’ room. And taking advantage of the fact that no one had noticed their presence, they took the belongings they found at hand, a cell phone and two walletsand they escaped.

It was all very fast, it was a few seconds and nobody got hurt. It was a robbery because they did not use weapons”, they declared from the school to the media The day.

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Given the discretion of the criminals, the school workers took time to realize that someone had taken the cell phone and the wallets, for which they notified the Police in the afternoon and reported the incident to the corresponding authorities.

An investigation was launched after the complaint was filed and officials are still analyzing the allegations. security cameras of the area, since at least a man would have been seen touring the vicinity from school on a bicycle with a suspicious attitude.

For their part, the institution assured that they are working to establish a control mechanism for the entry and exit of people to prevent this situation from repeating itself. In addition, the educational authorities tried to bring peace of mind by stating that this is the first time that an incident of these characteristics has occurred. “It is not necessary to generate alarm because it is an isolated event. They are two boys who took advantage of the situation”they concluded.


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