Tolosa Paz revealed a question from Axel Kicillof to Alberto Fernández about his possible candidacy

The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Toulouse Peacerecounted that the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof He asked President Alberto Fernández if he was going to be a candidate for no, last week at the meeting of the Frente de Todos political table.

“Axel asked him directly to Alberto si iba to be a candidate or not”, the official recounted this morning in an interview on Radio 10. In addition, she pointed out: “Noor heard anyone say that it is not convenient for Alberto to present himself as a candidate”.

Regarding the debate that was generated within the official coalition, the official commented: “There is no internal one, we have differences, but nobody left the in front of everyonewe made it clear during the meeting of the political table and the document that we signed”.

“No one resigned, no one left their ministerial positionsIn other words, the coincidences are stronger than the dissidences in our Frente De Todos,” the minister said in the same vein.

The challenges of the Front of All

To this he added that they must know how to “communicate in front of society.” “Something that we have already done and we have learned how to do it,” remarked the official. “Although it may seem unbelievable, we have an idea of ​​the country, everything we do makes sense,” he added.

On the electoral strategy, Toulouse Peace He maintained a line similar to the one that was said in recent times: “We are going to go a few STEP to win and transform Argentina.”

“Being President and presenting a list is a very important momentyou have to be very brave and accommodate your ego a lot to submit to the popular vote”.

The absence of Aníbal Fernández

At another point in the interview, the minister referred to the foul hit by her Security colleague: “Noor participated in the table, each one has its relative truth”.

At the closing of the note, he maintained that “There is still a lot to do”and remarked that “this does not imply that I do not recognize all the good things that were done in this administration.”


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