Unit only for the outside: Larreta, Bullrich and Macri agreed not to fight in public

While observing the shorts between Mauricio Macri y Horacio Rodriguez Larretamuch of Together for Change met yesterday at the Rural Society in an event organized and convened by businessmen, where each of the coalition candidates explained their country project in case they win the elections. And although the PRO game of the chair to see who occupies the boss’s place has already begun, in each of the dissertations fewer recriminations were heard and more calls for unity.

At a lunch held this Wednesday with members of the Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production (CICyP), Macri tried to turn the page on the inmate and was sure that the armed opposition would continue on a path of unity. “We are going through an unprecedented experience for the PRO. Compete with height, constructively, knowing that the important thing is why we are going to return to power. The egos, the rivalry and the vehemence… I am a lover of competition. We have to be able to overcome this situation. I trust that we are not going to reach places that are harmful to the coalition“said the former president.

Who did not participate in the exclusive meeting in La Rural was the deputy Mary Eugenia Vidalwho, despite expressing his disagreements with Rodríguez Larreta’s decision to hold concurrent elections in the City of Buenos Aires, indicated that the cambiemite unit is not in danger when describing that “a disagreement does not mean a breakup“.

Mauricio Macri with businessmen.

For his part, Patricia Bullrich He also participated in the event at the Rural Society and adopted a silent position after bowing to the criticism of Macri and Vidal against the Buenos Aires Head of Government. “I will not speak again about Rodríguez Larreta’s decision”, stressed the president of the PRO. Previously, she had promised businessmen that if he becomes president, he will remove all withholdings from agriculture.

In the case of the mayor of the City and presidential candidate there were no nuances. “There’s no chance of a breakup”, he assured the businessmen at the Palermo property. He had already expressed it the day before in a tribute to Buenos Aires firefighters, assuring that the unit “is guaranteed”. And he added: “You will never hear me criticize another member of Together for Change.” Although part of his repertoire is marked by dialogism and moderation, it adds to the general public response to the electorate that the armed forces are not going to fragment in the face of the elections.

This position was the same that his dolphin took in the province of Buenos Aires, Diego Santillione of the pre-candidates for governor who has the best chance of facing Axel Kicillof. After the zoom meeting with Macri and other PRO leaders such as Bullrich and Christian Ritondo (possible rival of the deputy in the dispute for the Buenos Aires governorship), a meeting that took place after the decision of Rodríguez Larreta, from the ranks of Santillos they chose not to talk about the intern.

The UCR responded to Macri about the elections in CABA: “What he says now is contrary to what he did”

That is to say, before the obfuscated and sharp pose adopted by Macri and followed by Bullrich and Vidal, Larretismo bowed to the decision and took refuge in the argument of complying with the law. “We want equal competition conditions for everyone,” Larreta said in subsequent statements. Macri asked his cousin Jorge to play, then, with an advantage?

Although facing the public the opposition tries to show itself in unity and with republican moderation, with differences that respond to the democratic game and not to personal egoism, the internal dispute is undeniable due to the displacement of Rodríguez Larreta to a place of command within the PRO. The Head of Government formed a powerful political duo with Macri, being his trusted man in Buenos Aires territory as Chief of Staff, first, and as successor, later. Now it’s time to let go and mark the field for the former president himself. Public disobedience to the creator of space is a symbol of the new time in the yellow party.

There was a moment that could not be characterized as foundational but it was differential: the day that Rodríguez Larreta launched his candidacy with a spot and criticized the former president of Boca. “The only ones who benefit from the rift are those who opened itthose who take advantage of it. Those who use it are scammers, ”she said. This battle is still open in the PRO: Macri insists that a new government of Together for Change must break spears with pan-Peronism, but Larreta argues that dialogue with everyone (except with Kirchnerism) is the way forward.

There is still a lot of campaign ahead and the edges of the internal one do not present predictability, but the referents of JvC show the discourse of the unit outwards. Not to do so would be to give some hope to the battered Frente de Todos in the face of the general elections that this year will define a new administration as of December 10.


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