What is El Marquesado like, the land that was ceded to the Grabois MTE in Mar del Plata

This week some lands located between Chapadmalal and Miramar because the State Assets Administration Agency (AABA), chaired by Eduardo Albanese, ceded them to the MTE led by Juan Grabois. Is about the marquisateone of the first private neighborhood projects in Argentina that had a huge amphitheater facing the sea that today is in ruins.

From the architectural proposal, El Marquesado always drew attention for its construction on the beach. There, those who owned one of the houses in the private neighborhood would have guaranteed views of the sea in one of the two floors of the enormous amphitheater that treads the coast.

Inauguration of the Marquesado. La Capital newspaper dated 01/05/1975.

A book that reveals the mysteries of the South Sea: abandoned hotels and Nazi shelters

“From the elegant platforms, tourists, from their own tents or umbrellas, can contemplate the captivating spectacle of the sea, day and night, as offered by the most famous seaside resorts in the world: the Costa Azul, Palma de Mallorca and the Dalmatian Coast” , announced the newspaper The capital in September 1976 on El Marquesado. It is currently a skeleton facing the sea.

The journalistic fragment of the time is one of the bits of history, in this case provided by Fredy Viaro, compiled on the blog Fotosviejasdemardelplata in which Pablo Javier Junco shares countless material related to the General Pueyrredón party to which Mar del Plata belongs and, in its extreme south, El Marquesado.

The development of that enterprise did not remain alone in the comfort of a refuge with a view of the sea, but also anticipated a nautical descent, a minigolf, mercury vapor lighting and a parking lot for 250 cars.

An explosion without measuring the consequences

What remains of the spa

Osvaldo Alejandro Morales, owner of Sierra Leone Limited Companyhe thought of guaranteeing each inhabitant a comfortable space with a view of the sea and for that he decided to create four floors with rows of tents placed in a kind of amphitheater.

For this, the first step was open-air dynamiting the coast on the edge of Route 11. The plan worked, in principle, because the consequences of the explosion and the modification of the territory were not taken into account.

However, this modification of the space, with the passage of time, made the beach grow more and more towards the route, as he had explained to PROFILE Facundo of Genoajournalist and writer dedicated to the stories of those beaches.

A land scarred by conflict

What remains of the spa

When the El Marquesado Country Club project was made public, the lands were parceled out and sold with promises of luxury and comfort in installments, while the country was plunged into the 1976 coup d’état.

There was no happy ending for these would-be owners, as few were allowed to deed their land. “Buyers received a preprinted ticket and a checkbook. Each month they paid the quota at the Sierra Leone offices in Mar del Plata or Buenos Aires and also paid expenses for the maintenance of the neighborhood, lighting poles, lawn mowing, etc.”, wrote Paula Viafora in Paco Urondo Agency, where he detailed the illegal framework of the business. There he tells that the exploitation permit for the place only lasted two years, so those lands were always illegitimate.

The southern cross: the link with the dictatorship

Attracted by the imposing ruin of El Marquesado, film director Pablo Reyero used the place as a location for his 2003 film The southern cross. The fiction is a black detective that leaves open a concern: the protagonists find human bones buried in the sand and the plot leaves open the possibility that they are the remains of those who disappeared during the ’76 dictatorship.

This for the moment only remained a myth, but what did happen is that, in the place during the summer of 1977, the leadership of the CNU (National University Concentration), an organization linked to the military that operated in La Plata and Mar del Plata held meetings at El Marquesado Country Club.

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